Long Beach Pony At Whaley Park

2023 Manager/Coach Registration


Welcome and Thank You for Volunteering

Welcome to the Manager/Coach/Volunteer registration page.


This is just a simple form to get your basic info and team affiliation and is NOT a background check. 


We are required to do Live Scan checks for any volunteer that will be interacting with players at any time during the season.  This includes pre-season practice, off-site practices, games, and any other team related activities.


We will make the Live Scan very easy for you... we will schedule a date and time that you can get your Live Scan done at Whaley Park. 


Look for more information on this as we get closer to the start of team activities in February.


No Live Scan = No Contact with the team players. It's that simple. This is an annual check that is required by the State of California to help protect your kids and the league.


Please answer these few questions to allow us to get you set up to volunteer away!


Thank you again for volunteering at LBP.



Please direct questions to:

Ken Jakemer


Phone: 949-433-9853